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The ZERMA company
ZERMA, originally based in Germany, has been committed to development and manufacture of plastic recycling equipment since its founding in 1941. After over 70 years it has grown to be one of the major worldwide manufacturers, supplying a full range of of high quality plastics recycling equipment.
'Our intention is to produce plastics recycling equipment conforming to the technical and quality standards of Germany' said Mr. Carsten Paeslack, President of ZERMA.
After full consideration of the market situation and requirements, ZERMA entered China in July 1999 with the establishment of the wholly-owned ZERMA Machinery & Recycling Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. relocating its manufacturing of plastics recycling equipment to Shanghai.
Production capacity reached 3000 units soon after this relocation and is constantly growing at a rate of 30% per annum with 80% of its production being exported worldwide. Since 2001, ZERMA has been awarded such honors as 'Outstanding Foreign Invested Enterprise in China' and 'Outstanding Export oriented enterprise'.
After five years development and growth, ZERMA Shanghai now has more than 350 full-time staff, up from original 3 expatriates and 2 local people, and now has a plant area of approximately 55,000 m2.

As well as the development of the business, organizational culture is the focus of the company. Following the philosophy that 'people are the core resource; a competition in the market is a competition in people' the company tries to foster motivation in its workforce, to respect individual development, to provide an ideal environment for them to work and develop, and to use that incentive as a driver for business growth and development.

Only a team of quality dedicated and professional people can ensure a company continues to remain successful in today's' competitive marketplace.

Zerma worldwide

The ZERMA facility in Zuzenhausen, Germany (left) is responsible for agencies and after sales service in European countries and regions. The facility in Zuzenhausen provides R&D assistance in the development of new models and designs to accommodate the diverse customer requirements.

In order to expand the market share in South East Asia Zerma Thailand was founded in Bangkok in 2002 (right).

Only first class technology and equipment ensures first class products

Investment in technology and equipment has been the main commitment over time at ZERMA Shanghai. At the original founding of ZERMA Shanghai all core parts were imported from Germany whilst accessories were produced in China, thus the operation was mostly assembly work.

However through the years of development and growth, together with the current and rising demand for plastics recycling equipment ZERMA Shanghai has increased its investment with more and more new production equipment so as to better serve the market in both quantity and quality. This continued investment also plays an important role for the stability and reliability of product quality.

All senior staff are fully trained in their responsibilities and in addition two original German engineers remain on site to deliver their expertise and skills. In this way the quality of products produced in Shanghai matches or exceeds that of the original German range. To ensure such efficient and quality production requires the need of advanced processing equipment. For example various CNC cutting tables and CNC work centers continuously producing accurate high quality parts and high performance.

From simple assembly five years ago to today's in-house production and assembly of over 80% of the parts, the company has adapted itself to the ever changing diversified markets. Meanwhile the company has reduced production costs and implemented a comprehensive quality control system to increase its market share and competitiveness in both the domestic and the world market.
Quality - guarantee of a company's lifeline

Quality is the mainstay of everything and is the focus of our staff and our equipment. Only by ensuring product quality from both the software and hardware aspects can we make progress, survive and grow in the intense market competition.

In terms of production technologies ZERMA Shanghai is operating with a combination of design, cutting, welding, processing, painting and assembling skills of such complexity and high accuracy required for the wide diversity of products( more than 35 products in 7 product lines). The eight resident engineers are all bachelor degree holders capable of designing and modifying machines in 3D Solidworks. We closely adhere to our quality assurance system and apply it through every stage of our working process.

Personal visits, screening and evaluation are conducted by our German engineers in selecting our sub-suppliers thus ensuring timely delivery and quality of outsourced parts and raw materials. Helping us to maintain our outstanding global after-sales service. To ensure the quality and reliability of the products since the establishment of the company we have a established long-term partnerships with well know suppliers for motors, electrical components, knifes, stell, etc....

After several years of successful operation ZERMA Shanghai was awarded certification according to ISO 9001 by the TÜV Rheinland in 2003. By maintaining control over the full process from production to marketing the company is also making continuous improvements of its QC system and product quality to further satisfy our customers.