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ZERMA High Performance Granulators GS
ZERMA High Performance Granulators GS
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Types of the GS range:
GS 350/500
GS 400/600
GS 560/700
GS 560/1000
Detailed information:
Pictures of machines
Technical Details
V Rotor
Technical Data

The GS range of high performance granulators are based on the latest machine concepts which have been perfected throughout the years and leaves nothing lacking. They can solve almost all problems of plastics granulation.

The housing, which is of a robust welded steel construction, is suitable for universal applications due to the removeable deflector wedge and is designed to meet the most demanding applications. Depending on the required application, there is a whole range of rotor options from the open 3-blade, aggressive bite types through to the heavy duty, semi-closed, 5-blade types.

All machines in the GS range produce a high quality granulate whether it be from injection moulded articles, sprues, pipes, profiles, sheets, film or start-up and headwaste lump.
The machines are economical, reliable, easy clean and have long service life.

ZERMA can also offer the wide range of necessary ancillaries such as blowers, suction systems, conveyor belts, metal de-tectors, fines separators etc.

Rotor ZERMA High Performance Granulators GS
Pictures of machines
ZERMA High Performance Granulators GS 350/500 and GS 400/600
GS 350/500 GS 400/600
ZERMA High Performance Granulators GS 560/700 and GS 560/1000
GS 560/700 GS 560/1000
Technical Details
Superior cutting action ZERMA High Performance Granulators GS

Superior cutting action

The rotor knives are mounted according to the latest V-cut technology. Contrary to the older cross cut action, the V-cut action conveys material to the centre of the rotor thus avoiding sticking and wear at the side walls.

Simple knife setting ZERMA High Performance Granulators GS

Simple knife setting

All of the knives, rotor and stator, are preset outside of the granulator in a supplied bench-top jig. Awkward adjustments inside the machine are no longer necessary. Knives are manufactured from heavy duty tool steel and can be resharpened many times.

Specially developed deflector wedge ZERMA High Performance Granulators GS

Specially developed 
deflector wedge

A removeable adaptor carrying a third stator knife, termed the deflector wedge, can be installed to alter the infeed cross section and the first cutting point of the granulator as required. This simple installation option allows the machine greatest versatility.

Well thought-out housing design  ZERMA High Performance Granulators GS

Well thought-out 
housing design

The housing design is divided across the centre line and the upper part can be opened hydraulically (GS 350/500 and 400/600 manually). Easily exchanged wear plates bolted to the side cheeks ensure long life. The screen is held in position by a hinged cradle and is easily accessible.

Robust bearing assembly ZERMA High Performance Granulators GS

Robust bearing assembly

The extremely robust pedestal bearing housings are mounted outside the machine and separate from the cutting chamber to prevent dust and dirt ingress into the oversized bearings. This ensures a long life and minimum maintenance.

High operational reliability ZERMA High Performance Granulators GS

High operational reliability

All granulators are manufactured to current European Union machine requirements and are fully CE certified. Safety of the machines is guaranteed by, for example, time-delay bolts with electric limit switches, hydraulic non-return safety valves etc.

V Rotor
Different applications require different rotor types but one aspect is the same on all ZERMA rotors – the new, well proven V-cut technology! The known advantages of cross cut technology are retained. The cut takes place only at the point where the blades cross and not across the whole blade width instantaneously. This considerably reduces wear, noise, fines, and power requirement characteristics. V-cut technology goes one more decisive step further in that the chevron style blade arrangement creates material movement towards the centre of the rotor thus preventing the problems of material build up, frictional heat generation, and excessive wear at the side cheeks of the machine.
3-blade rotor ZERMA High Performance Granulators GS

3-blade rotor

This open style rotor has large spaces between the individual blade rows thus allowing material to drop into the rotor. With the tangential inlet of the spacious housing and the open style rotor, material is aggressively grabbed and cut thus making this rotor/housing combination ideal for the granulation of hollow objects such as bottles, crates and drums as well as large bulky materials.

5-blade rotor ZERMA High Performance Granulators GS

5-blade rotor

This semi-closed style rotor has much smaller spaces between the blade rows thus preventing much material from dropping into the rotor. Combined with the removeable deflection wedge, which restricts the inlet opening and moves the initial cutting point higher in the machine, there is consequently a less aggressive cutting action meaning no blockage or rotor stall even under the most extreme conditions. These massive, extremely robust rotors are ideally suited for difficult, heavy duty applications such as start-up lumps and head waste, thick walled pipes, heavy sheets etc.

Guillotine rotor ZERMA High Performance Granulators GS

Guillotine rotor

The guillotine rotor is specially designed as an open and friction free type, having no central shaft but where the blades are supported between two end plates. This rotor type is therefore ideally suited to the processing of temperature sensitive materials such as natural and synthetic rubber, waxes and products containing bitumen. An additional flywheel can be fitted to increase the cutting torque.

The granulation system can be tailored to meet specific requirements using the comprehensive range of ZERMA fittings and ancillaries. The system is designed to maximise the benefits of lower costs, increased performance and lower labour requirements.
GS through-suction range, GS infeed conveyor, GS roller feeder

GS through-suction 
range for edge trims 
and bleed trims

Infeed conveyor and
metal detector bridge
Roller feeder
Suction unit. GS with feed chute, All metal detector
Suction unit, GS with inclined side feed chute, All metal detector
Technical Data
Type GS 350/500 400/600 560/700 560/1000
Rotor knives (pieces) 3x2 or 5x2 3x2 or 5x2 3x2 or 5x2 3x2 or 5x2
Stator knives (pieces) 2 2 (3) 2 (3) 2 (3)
Rotor diameter (mm) 350 400 560 560
Rotor width (mm) 500 600 700 1000
Feed opening (mm) 520x420 630x600 700x650 1000x650
Drive capacity (kW) 11-22 18,5-45 30-90 55-110
ZERMA High Performance Granulators GS 350/500 and GS 400/600
GS 350/500 GS 400/600
ZERMA High Performance Granulators GS 560/700 and GS 560/1000
GS 560/700 GS 560/1000
Subject to technical modifications