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ZERMA Heavy Duty Granulators GSH
ZERMA Heavy Duty Granulators GSH
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Types of the GSH range:
GSH 500/600
GSH 500/1000
GSH 600/800
GSH 700/1000
GSH 800/1200
Detailed information:
System examples
Technical Details
V Rotor
Technical Data

The ZERMA GSH series granulators are designed for the most extreme and universal applications required for today’s plastics recycling facilities.

The completely welded heavy steel manufactured construction is designed to withstand the most demanding and universal applications due to the removable deflection wedge (third stator knife). Rotor bearings, knife mounts and rotor shaft are manufactured in over-size to cope with extreme feed stock.

Depending on the required application, (to include temperature sensitive materials), the GSH series offers a complete range of rotor variations which are all built with the unique "V" cut chevron technology.

The complete GSH range produces a high quality granulate whether it be bottle crates, profiles, sheet, film, pipes or start-up lumps. The machines are economical, reliable, easy clean and have extremely long service life.

Zerma offers a wide range of necessary ancillaries such as material transport systems, conveyor feed belts, metal separators, fines separators, nip roller feeds, etc.

  • universal and flexible use
  • rugged manufacture
  • economical size reduction
  • "V" cut chevron technology
  • extremely high throughputs
  • proven machine design
  • minimal down times

Rotor ZERMA Heavy Duty Granulators GSH
System examples
Two stage size reduction ZERMA Heavy Duty Granulators GSH

Two stage size reduction of pipes and profiles: System consisting of ZERMA granulator with hydraulic tilt hopper chute and down stream ZERMA pulverizer

ZERMA Heavy Duty Granulators GSH with conveyor feed belt and metal detector bridge

GSH granulator with conveyor feed belt and metal detector bridge

ZERMA Heavy Duty Granulators GSH with material transport system and fines/metal separator

GSH granulator with material transport system, integrated fines separator and metal separator

Technical Details
Unique Housing Design ZERMA Heavy Duty Granulators GSH

Unique Housing Design

The housing cutting chamber is divided across the centre line which allows the upper section to be easily opened hydraulically.

The screen is positioned in a front mounted easy access screen cradle which is separate from the upper cutting chamber and also opens hydraulically.

Heavy Duty Outboard Rotor Bearings

The over-sized pedestal type rotor bearings are mounted outside the cutting chamber in solid steel housings. They are designed for minimal service and built for demanding applications. The outboard bearings eliminate material contamination through lubricant and eliminate pre-mature bearing failure through material contamination in the bearings. Outboard bearings is also an advantage during wet granulating operation.


To increase rotor inertia an auxiliary flywheel is available as option on the non-driven rotor shaft side. All rotor shafts in the GSH series are standard with the extended rotor shaft for flywheel installation.

Utmost Operational Reliability

The granulators in the GSH series are manufactured to current European Union machine requirements and are fully CE certified. Machine safety is ensured through time-delay bolts with safety switches, hydraulic safety check valves, etc.

Easy Rotor/Stator Knife Adjustment

Rotor and stator knives are pre-set outside the granulator in a supplied bench-top fixture prior to installation. Awkward adjustments inside the machine are no longer necessary. The knives are manufactured from heavy duty high quality toll steel and can be re-sharpened numerous times.

Simple Knife Adjustment ZERMA Heavy Duty Granulators GSH

Integrated Deflection Wedge Knife

A removable adaptor carrying a third stator knife, termed the deflection wedge, can be installed to alter the in-feed cross section and control the aggressiveness of the rotor at the first cutting point. This will eliminate rotor blocking during extreme applications. When the deflection wedge is removed the granulator is applicable for large voluminous parts such as hollow parts, crates, and other high volume parts.

Integrated Deflection Wedge Knife ZERMA Heavy Duty Granulators GSH
V Rotor

Superior "V" Type Chevron Cutting Geometry

The GSH series offers a complete range of rotor variations which are all built with the unique "V" type chevron cutting technology. The "V" cut action generates the material concentration around the centre of the rotor and evenly distributes it along the entire rotor length. The typical material conveyance to the cutting chamber side through conventional fully slanted rotor knives is eliminated. The centred and evenly distributed material prevents cutting chamber side wall material build up and side wall material melt down.

The rotor knives are not bolted into the rotor stars as with conventional type rotors but utilize threaded rotor knife backing plates. Therefore eliminating the drill out removal of broken or stripped bolts from the rotor stars.

Superior Cutting Geometry ZERMA Heavy Duty Granulators GSH
Technical Data
Type GSH 500/600 500/1000 600/800 700/1000 800/1200
Rotor knives (pieces) 5x2 5x2 5x2 7x2 7x2/9x2
Stator knives (pieces) 2/3 2/3 2/3 2/3 2/3
Rotor diameter (mm) 500 500 600 700 800
Rotor width (mm) 600 1000 800 1000 1200
Feed opening (mm) 636x615 1000x615 800x700 985x800 1150x940
Drive capacity (kW) 45 75 75 90 132
Dimensions (standard machine)
Typ GSH 500/600 500/1000 600/800 700/1000 800/1200
Length A (mm) 1520 1800 1870 2200 2320
Length B (mm) 1400 2050 1750 2080 2200
Width C (mm) 1100 1650 1340 1700 2000
Width D (mm) 730 1130 970 1060 1380
High  E (mm) 2180 2180 2680 3180 3780
Technische Zeichnung ZERMA Großschneidmühlen GSH
Subject to technical modifications