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ZERMA Washing lines ZWL
ZERMA Washing lines ZWL ZERMA Washing lines ZWL:
System examples
Technical Data
Beginning with the feeding and up to the finished product the modular ZERMA washing plants process dirty plastics easily! Agricultural films, packing films, or rigid plastics are processed here step-by-step. The success of the simple and nevertheless effective design is demonstrated in international demands for it: Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Nigeria or the Benelux countries.
System examples
System examples ZERMA Washing lines ZWL
Washing Line for PP pipes  Washing Line for dirty PE films 
Technical Details

Scheme ZERMA Washing line

1. Conveyor with metal detector
2. Wetgranulator
3. Friction washer
4. Swim-/Sink tank
5. Mechanical dryer
6. Thermical dryer
7. Big-Bag filling station

Technical Details ZERMA Washing lines ZWL