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ZERMA pre-owned machines
If you are interested in a ZERMA pre-owned or machine from another manufacturer visit our AMIS database with more than 200 pre-owned machines. 

- used granulator
- used pulverizer
- used chipper, crusher, single shaft shredder
- used slow speed granulators
- used recycling technology

AMIS offers cutting up technology and cutting up machines for your need
- Consultation
- New and using machines
- Workshop
- Spare parts
- Accessories

You are looking for used recycling technology?

Then you search directly in our machine pool. In our on-line offer you find each quantity of used recycling technology of manufacturers how: Alpine, Colortronic, Condux, Dreher, Falzoni, Getecha, Herbold, Neue Herbold, Moco, Pallmann, Rapid, Tria, Untha, Wanner and naturally also used granulators, pulverizer, single shaft shredder from ZERMA

used granulator, used granulators, used slow speed granualtors, used pulveriser, used shredder, recycling technology, new and used heavy granulators, used  compact granulators