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ZERMA Single-Shaft-Shredders ZSS
ZERMA Single-Shaft-Shredder ZSSBrochure-Download Types of the ZSS range:
ZSS 850
ZSS 1200
ZSS 1500
ZSS 2000
Detailed information:
System examples
Technical details
Rotor options
Technical data
The new Zerma ZSS single shaft shredders have been developed as extremely rugged machines suitable for heavy duty applications. They can be used to grind various materials such as lumps, large hollow parts, film, fiber and paper down to a final particle size of 20 mm. The ZSS series of single shaft shredders comes with numerous features, innovative controls and different choices of rotors specifically designed for various material types. All shredders operate at a low speed, thus operating at lower noise levels. A newly developed and patented ram feeder is only one of the unique features of the Zerma shredder product line.
ZSS 1200   ZSS 1500
ZSS 2000
System examples
The Zerma ZSS single shaft shredder are designed for a wide range of applications.
Standard two stage size reduction system consisting of the ZSS 1500 shredder and GSH 500/1000 granulator.
The Zerma ZSS single shaft shredders can be customized to meet almost any application. Combined with our rugged line of heavy duted conveyors we can supply the solution for a size reduction needs.
Technical details
Hydraulic ram construction

The ZSS series shredders benefit from sturdy ram construction incorporating heavy duty guide bearings and universal couplings for reliable operation.

Serrated ram plate

All ZSS machines feature a serrated ram plate as standard, to allow easy processing of large awkward pieces such as large purgings blocks and pallets.
Outboard bearings

The heavy duty outboard bearings mounted on the ZSS shredders minimize the risk of contamination and make a rotor change easier. An optional water cooling system for the rotor and bearings can be installed as well.

Feed hoppers

Feed hoppers of the ZSS machines can be tailored to suit various applications. However, the standard hopper is of a suitable design to allow bulk feeding via tipping skip as well as manual feeding of large bulky barts.
Bulk feeding hopper will customize production as the feeding ram will always have material in to the rotor. As the machine is fully automatic it is not possible to over-feed the machine.
Cutter blocks

The rotors in the ZSS shredder are equipped with, square cutter blocks. These cutters make light work of the heaviest pieces.
Importantly, the design allows efficient cutting of material, rather than hammering and reduces heat built-up and degradation of material. The cutter blocks have four corners so they can be easily turned once corner has worn away.

Different rotor designs available

The ZSS shredder can be equipped with different rotor design. The flexibility of design facilitates processing of all types of materials. The rotors can be modified to suit special applications. For example hard facing of the rotor for abrasive applications.
Rotor options
The ZSS single shaft series is available with three different rotor choices to tailor the machine to your application.
The ZSS A-rotor choices is very well suited for light materials such as cardboard, paper, wood as well as food. The rotor features are jagged rotor design with knife holders welded into place for a very aggressive behaviour.
The ZSS B-rotor has been especially developed to have a real cut opposed to traditional shredder rotors as well as minimizing the risk of winding. These properties make it perfect choice for film and fiber applications.
The rotor has a staggered design, the knifes are bolted into rotor segments. The design of the rotor makes it less prone to distortion.
The ZSS C-rotor is the most versatile rotor available for the ZSS machines, it can be used for the almost everything from hollow parts to large materials. The removable knive holders and knifes make it easy to maintain and service.
Technical data
Type ZSS 850 1200 1500 2000
Rotor speed (rpm) 85 85 85 85
Rotor knives
(A/B/D pieces)
  Stator knives (pc.) 3 4 5 7  
Rotor- (mm) 387 457 457 457
Feed opening (mm) 1650x1120 2000x1600 2000x1880 2000x2100
Ram-feed-drive (kW) 2,2 4 4 4  
Drive capacity (kW) 37 55 75 90 - 110  
Screen size (mm) 20 - 100 20 - 100 20 - 100 20 - 100
Type ZSS 850 1200 1500 2000
Length A (mm) 1900 2280 2570 3570
Width B (mm) 2070 2280 2280 2280  
Height C (mm) 2360 2510 2510 2510
Subject to technical modifications.