Product information ZERMA hammer mill TYPE ZHM 800/1200
The ZERMA ZHM type hammer mill was specifically developed for materials that can- not be comminuted using conventional granulators or only with acceptance of extremely high expendable part costs and risk of breakage. A broad range of fields of application exists for the hammer mill, such as for example:
recycling of white goods, as a secondary comminuter downstream from a shredder, for improved opening up of the material and subsequently better sorting by type.
e-waste, above all printed circuit boards, but also complete computers and mobile phones, etc.
contaminated wood, e.g. demolition wood
PVC sections from demolition with glass remnants, fittings, iron reinforcements, etc.
preparation and comminution of wastes for biogas plants.

Rotor and stator tools

Electronic waste

Computer Scrap

PVC windows profiles

Demolition wood
Technical details:

ZHM series hammer mills are equipped with highly wear-resistant tools. The machine housing made of durable welded steel construction withstands the highest demands. The external storage, grinding tools and rotor shaft are oversized designed and therefore suitable for heavy applications.
Rotor diameter is 800 mm with a rotor width of 1200 mm.
The mill housing is lined in the upper and lower part in the wear areas with replaceable wear plates made from HARDOX.
The counter-knife series are also designed in HARDOX.

Key benefits of ZHM:
- Universal, versatile applications
- Robust, user-friendly design
- High throughput
- Wear Armor
- Economic crushing
The extremely wear-protected areas of the hammer mill: